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Priority Air Ambulance Corporate Partnership Programme

Priority Air Ambulance is setting the industry standard for duty of care support and emergency action planning in Uganda. Designed for any size enterprise, tour operators, lodges, and government agencies, our Corporate Partnership Program can scale to accommodate any number of members with ease and efficiency. Contact us to learn how Priority Air Ambulance can help you protect your clients and employees, reduce your risk of liability and generate additional revenue.

Priority Air Ambulance

Corporate Partner


PROTECT your clients and employees

Our services include national field rescue in Uganda from point of injury and medical evacuation to member's referral hospital of choice in Kampala. We provide travel risk management solutions to your organization, streamlining your emergency response plan, and ensuring the best possible outcomes in times of disaster.

ADD a unique selling proposition to your product

In a world where customer is king, discerning clientele want only the best. Augment your existing insurance plans, safari safety protocols and employee benefits with Priority Air Ambulance membership, and you are sure to set yourself above the rest in your industry.

ENSURE your duty of care

By providing the most effective response possible in an emergency situation, we help you reduce your liability to both your employees and your clients. Let our highly experienced team help you in an increasingly complex and risky world.

EARN passive income for your organization

Partners earn a substantial commission on every membership they sell. Whether you refer clients to us or embed our services in every trip you sell, we can help you generate meaningful passive income by protecting your clients.


Schedule a meeting

Contact us to schedule a meeting to discuss your partnership possibilities. We will send our team to your location.


Train your team

Once an agreement is in place, your team will receive a training from us on how to use and make the most your partner portal and partnership.


Push your new offering

With an enhanced new service offering and personalized campaign material, you can now offer your unique selling proposition to your clients.