Why Donate?

Priority Air Ambulance (PAA) is a registered NGO that is certified under the Uganda Ministry of Health as Uganda?s first Air Ambulance service. A percentage of the proceeds from PAA is held in an operational account so that the service can be provided to the general public who would not be able to afford this service in their time of urgent need, such as natural disasters, mass casualty events and critical events. In order to provide more training for first responders up-country and also extend our life saving services to the uninsured and underserved populations of Uganda, PAA is actively seeking both donations and grants.

Provide A Grant

If you are aware of any grants or would like to provide a specific grant that would support the growth of Uganda?s Emergency Medical / Pre Hospital Care services please click here to let us know.

In order to improve the service we are actively pursuing grants for:

  • Training of 10 Ugandan Nurses into Paramedics with ALS, ATLS, PLS with AME qualifications.
  • Training of 3 teams of crash rescue technical teams.
  • Procurement of 3 sets of fresh rescue equipment (jaws of life, hydraulic rams, angle grinders, inflatable lifts).