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Are Priority Air Ambulance services covered by insurances?

Most insurance plans appreciate and cover Air Ambulance Services. It is important to check your plan to see that there is an air ambulance benefit. In some cases, it may be necessary for or expedient to use your credit card and obtain a health insurance claim form to be fully reimbursed.

What is the difference between Priority Air Ambulance and medevac services on my standard health insurance?

Many standard health insurances include medevac flights or services. However, they usually only cover this cost once you are in a hospital or clinic and have a seen a doctor who recommends such services are necessary. Even if your insurance is happy to pay for a flight from your point of injury to a hospital, they do have any aircraft sitting on the ground in Uganda waiting for your call. If you call your standard health insurer at your time of injury, they will call aircraft operators in Uganda and Kenya to see if anyone has an aircraft available to collect you. If an aircraft is available, they will have to file a flight plan and wait for clearance from the civil aviation authority. They will also have to wait for a medical professional to come to the airport. The plane or helicopter they have available will likely not be furnished with air ambulance equipment. This usually takes hours to coordinate when time is of the essence. With PAA, aircraft are reserved for the members of its services exclusively. Pilots and medical personnel are onsite 24 hours a day. Our aircraft have preapproval to fly for emergency purposes and are fully outfitted with the equipment listed above to cater to your injury and stabilize you before getting to the hospital.

Does Priority Air Ambulance carry aircraft liability and medical malpractice?

We carry the aircraft liability insurance recommended for air ambulance Turbo props fixed wing operators of $10 million for each aircraft. Additionally $1,000,000.00 in medical malpractice insurance.

Are you willing to provide proof of insurance?

Upon request, Priority Air Ambulance will provide client with proof of Insurance to meet the requirements of all Uganda Authorities.

Does Priority Air Ambulance employ a medical director?

All medical crews are required to practice under medical direction of a physician, referred to as the Medical Director. The Medical Director should be practiced in the care of emergency critical patient in the transport environment. Patient care or medical control may be directed by verbal order, written order or predefined written orders. If necessary, the medical team should have some method to contact the Medical Director during flight.

Does Priority Air Ambulance provide the required equipment and medication to conduct critical care transports?

Our air ambulance have the following minimum equipment in addition to portable medical equipment:

  • Defibrillator/ECG Machine/Cardiac Monitor
  • Mechanical Ventilator
  • Pulse Oximeters
  • IV and Syringe Pumps
  • Intubation Equipment
  • Built-In Medical Oxygen
  • Portable Suctions Units
  • Intravenous Solutions and Specialized Medications
  • FAA approved stretcher

Does the aircraft configuration allow for safe loading and unloading of the patient without excessive manoeuvring to allow access to the patient by the medical team during the flight?

All air ambulance aircraft are configured so that patient loading and unloading can be performed without the need to excessively manoeuvre the patient. The placement of the patient on the aircraft provides consistent access and monitoring capabilities by the medical crew so that the patient?s safety and health are the priority.

How much luggage can a patient take?

Luggage space on an air ambulance aircraft is very limited due to the medical equipment carried on board. Luggage is limited to one carry on soft sided.

Is Priority Air Ambulance an operator or a broker?

Priority Air Ambulance works with its parent company, KEA, who is an operator holding an air carrier operating certificate. Air ambulance brokers refers to companies that broker transport for aircraft performing medical flights. They do not operate medically equipped aircrafts or employ medical staff.

What is the cost of air ambulance?

Your air ambulance is covered by the cost of membership. If you do not have a membership and need services, please contact our aviation partner Kampala Executive Aviation (hyperlink) for a quote tailored to your requirements.

What are the training requirements for the air medical transport team?

All medical crew are appropriately licensed, certified in BLS, ALS, PALS and current in their specialty. All have training in altitude physiology, infection control and patient management specified by patient diagnosis. All air ambulance flights are staffed by medical personnel. Medical control decides the appropriate staff and treatment. Our medical professionals are contractual, they work in a medical environment so that they are always exposed to updated training and intervention.

What are your operating hours?

We are available 24 hours a day to respond to your medical emergencies.

What documents are required to travel on an international air ambulance flight?

Everyone travelling on an international flight must provide air ambulance dispatch with the following information prior to departure:

  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of visa

What is the expertise of Priority Air Ambulance?

A statement of past performance including the number of years the air ambulance company has been in operation, the safety record, the flight experience, medical personal qualifications and training, the aircraft maintenance defines the expertise of the service.

Where does your air ambulance fly?

We are located in Kajjansi airfield, Kampala, Uganda and we provide air ambulance transport services within Uganda then to Nairobi, Kenya for higher levels of care within our membership plans. If you require air ambulance services from Kampala to Europe, the Middle East, India or South Africa, we will arrange and provide this at a cost, often covered by your traditional insurance policy (please check with your provider).

Why is your service better than any other competitor?

We don?t have any direct competitors as our parent company is the only licensed air ambulance transport service in the Uganda. What we offer is unique to the market in Uganda and the entire region. In a country where 999 and 911 services are not available, we are filling the gap.? Without a membership to PAA, a medical evacuation could cost upwards of $13,000 IF there is an aircraft available. Our proactive model allows us to have dedicated aircrafts with preapproved flight clearances which would otherwise take several hours to arrange. PAA has trained medical personnel on standby 24/7 accommodated at our crew house located only 100 meters from the runway where our aircraft are based. Our pilots and paramedics can be in flight to you within 15 minutes of contacting our emergency call centre. These 3 key aspects of our business make it better than anything on offer and allow us to be with you as quickly as possible when time is the most important variable to your survival.? Our partner aviation company Kampala Executive Aviation have 12 years? experience with a 100% safety record. Our response time, competitive pricing, attention to care and superior service sets us apart.


Are ground ambulance arranged and payment included in the quote?

Priority Air Ambulance arranges ground ambulance as required to affect the most efficient rescue of our members. This cost is included in your membership.

Can a family member or relative accompany the patient in the air and ground ambulance?

Priority Air Ambulance policy is to accommodate one family member in the air and ground ambulance on each patient transport without charge to that family member, as long as space allows.

Will the air ambulance service provide bedside to bedside care?

Priority Air Ambulance provides bedside to bedside. Our transport team accepts the patient at bedside in the originating facility and delivers the patient to the receiving facility. Ground transportation inclusive on both legs of the trip with accommodation for one family member.

If I am a member and end up being transported by a ground ambulance or another air ambulance service, who is responsible for the bill?

If a Priority Air Ambulance provider does not transport you, you will be responsible for payment of the bill. Our membership program only covers transports provided and organized by us and our affiliates with prior permission.

Is there a limit to the number of transports a member can have in a year?

Each member is allotted two transports each year. Each transport is handled the same way and must be a life, limb or eye threatening emergency as deemed by PAA attending medical professionals.

Can I cover all of my family on the membership?

With a Priority Air Ambulance family membership, any person in your immediate family will be covered. This is up to two parents and all children still living at home, under the age of 21.

What is included in my membership?

Members are entitled to transport by a Priority Air Ambulance provider to the closest appropriate medical facility for medical conditions deemed by an attending medical professional to be life, eye or limb threatening, or that could lead to permanent disability. Members have the peace of mind knowing that they will receive no?out-of-pocket?expense for their flights or ground transportation to a care facility.

How do I benefit from membership?

Membership offers several important benefits:

First, as one of more than 1000 members, Priority Air Ambulance providers will work on your behalf with your benefits provider to secure payment for your flight, with any uncovered amounts considered to be fully prepaid. As such, members who are transported by Priority Air Ambulance will not receive a bill for the flight. Importantly, your membership is valid in all of our service areas so you are covered while traveling in those areas. If they determine air medical transport is needed, and they dispatch one of our ambulance providers, your membership will provide coverage.

In addition, becoming a Priority Air Ambulance member is a good way to support the health care needs of your local community. Our membership base (the largest of its kind in Uganda) helps us operate in rural areas where having a quick response time to critical medical situations can save lives.

How can a membership be so inexpensive and yet still be able to cover the cost of a flight?

Membership fees alone are not enough to cover the cost of member transport. Those fees are prepaid protection against costs not covered by a member?s insurance, other benefits or third-party responsibility. Almost all of our members have some type of insurance, benefit or third-party responsibility that covers all or part of the cost of transport. Collecting enough from those sources is necessary to keep membership fees low. Of course, if there is no other source of payment for a member?s transport, the transport is covered in full by the membership.

Does my primary insurance cover the cost of an PAA provider transport? If so, how much?

This answer varies, with each insurance company offering different plans and coverage. It is up to your individual insurance company as to whether they will cover the cost of a transport, as well as to the amount of economic burden placed on the patent via a co-pay or deductible. We recommend that you contact your insurance company directly to obtain detailed coverage information.

Is a Priority Air Ambulance membership considered insurance?

No, although Priority Air Ambulance membership is ?like? insurance, Priority Air Ambulance is not an insurance company. A Priority Air Ambulance membership is not an insurance policy and cannot be considered as secondary insurance coverage or as supplemental coverage to any insurance policy. Membership provides prepaid protection against covered Priority Air Ambulance provider transportation costs that exceed a member?s health insurance or medical benefits. PAA membership does cover care given in a health care facility such a clinic or hospital.

Are there any reasons why Priority Air Ambulance might not be able to fly me?

The primary determinate of whether to accept a flight is always the safety of the patient and our medical flight crews. Aviation administration restrictions prohibit Priority Air Ambulance provider from transporting patients under certain conditions, such as, but not limited to, flying in inclement weather, equipment manufacturer limitations, maintenance requirements, age or size.

Will a Priority Air Ambulance provider always be available if I need one?

There may be times when the PAA provider aircraft in your area is committed to assisting another patient transport or is out of service for maintenance or inclement weather. In those instances, we may be able to call one of our other Priority Air Ambulance providers from an adjoining service area. In some cases, however, you may need to be transported by a ground ambulance or another air ambulance service that is not a participating provider in the Priority Air Ambulance. It is important that you get to the medical care you need as quickly as possible, no matter the mode of transportation, so you will have the best chances for survival and degree of recovery.

Who decides where to fly the patients?

When an air ambulance provider is called, time is of the essence. Patients in life threatening situations often need specialty centres to provide the interventions needed. Priority Air Ambulance providers will take a patient to the closest appropriate medical facility as determined by physicians or EMS personnel. Whenever possible, physicians or EMS personnel consult with the patient or the patient?s families as these decisions are being made and will do the utmost to get the member to their referral hospital of choice.

Does a membership ensure that Priority Air Ambulance will fly me, no matter what type of medical care I need?

Air ambulances are valuable and scarce resources that should be reserved for those times when a patient is facing a life-or-limb threatening emergency and it is in their best interest to get to medical care in a timely fashion. Priority Air Ambulance will not transport patients by air if air transportation is not believed to be appropriate.

Who determines if and when I will be flown?

If your medical emergency meets certain criteria, such as a heart attack, stroke or a traumatic injury and the dispatcher determines you would benefit from air medical transport, they may dispatch an air ambulance to your emergency, as well as a ground ambulance. If you require an emergent medical transport from one hospital to another hospital, those transfers are ordered by physicians in coordination our Chief Medical Officer.

My insurance company says they will cover 100% so why do I need this membership?

Depending on your insurance plan, there is a chance that post emergency, your insurance will cover the cost of an air ambulance. PAA is a proactive membership, here to provide you with that service in your time of need. If your insurance company calls PAA after you are in an accident and you are not a paid member, PAA will not be able to cover you as our services are dedicated to our members. In Uganda, it is unlikely you will be able to find a fast and effective reactive air ambulance service as there are few available aircraft especially with the necessary equipment or medical professionals on stand-by.

Can I call Priority Air Ambulance in my time of need even if I do not have a membership?

Priority Air Ambulance aircraft, equipment and team are wholly dedicated to its members. It would not be fair to paying members to use these assets for others outside of the membership plan. If you call PAA in your time of need and do not have an up-to-date paid membership, your call will be directed to our aviation partners Kampala Executive Aviation (hyperlink). If they have an aircraft available, can locate trained medical staff and get clearance to fly from the Civil Aviation Authority, they may be able to help you. Without a membership to PAA, a medical evacuation could cost upwards of $13,000 IF there is an aircraft available.

Our proactive model allows us to have dedicated aircrafts with preapproved flight clearances which would otherwise take several hours to arrange. PAA has trained medical personnel on standby 24/7 accommodated at our crew house located only 100 meters from the runway where our aircraft are based. Our pilots and paramedics can be in flight to you within 15 minutes of contacting our emergency call centre. These 3 key aspects of our business make it better than anything on offer and allow us to be with you as quickly as possible when time is the most important variable to your survival.

Why does it take 12 hours to activate a tourist membership but 48 hours to activate an individual or family membership?

It takes 48 hours for an individual or family membership to activate so we can confirm residential status.

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